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You will master your presentation nerves, Make your voice heard in business meetings and get that promotion as your confidence in communication builds.

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Steve has a Masters degree in TESOL (UTS), BCommerce (UNSW) and currently lectures at University of Technology,Sydney & TAFE-Northern Sydney Institute. The last 12 years teaching in Sydney were preceded by 9 years in Asia and the UK. Client companies have included: Mitsubishi Electric, Hyundai, Bank of Japan,Kyocera, Daikin Electronics and Kobe Steel.

Communicate with People

You will learn the commonly-used words/phrases, correct pronunciation, the importance of body language and how to throw your voice to the back of the room and how to vary your tone to capture attention.


iSpeak at a Job interview

Speaking with confidence in a job interview requires careful preparation, but don’t be over confident. Australian employers generally dislike people who boast. Be honest and polite, highlight your good points and don’t forget to smile.

iSpeak for College/Workplace presentations

How you deliver your presentation is equally, often more important, than its content. A boring,monotone voice will cause your audience to switch off and miss your message completely. How do you get their attention and keep them listening?……tell a story, make it personal and detailed and even better, add some humour aimed at yourself.

Your pronunciation is also very important. Aussies are used to hearing different accents, but we will give up if you are too hard to follow.


iSpeak in Negotiations

Every day we are in negotiation with our families, partners, co-workers and often with our customers and our bosses too.  How comfortable are you with negotiations ? Can you handle verbal conflict smoothly ?  Do you know how to  calm someone down who is very angry with your company or with you ? The vocabulary for effective negotiations can be applied in various situations. You need to know it and practice it, so that you can use it under pressure.

iSpeak in Business and Community Meetings

Being heard or not heard in a meeting can make a huge difference to your role in a company and your chances of promotion. You may have some great ideas but if nobody hears them, you may as well not be there. Speaking up when everyone else is trying to do the same and it seems people are even speaking over one another, is not easy at all. However if your idea can save the company money or win new business isn’t it better to speak up, but how to do it? ……..We’ll show you. And also how to contribute in important community meetings, like at your child’s school.


iSpeak like a great, and perhaps famous, presenter!

Some people are paid very highly, simply to speak. Take Tony Robbins- the US motivational speaker, for example.

US Presidents are listened to because of their position, but some famous people, like Barack Obama, have such a powerful way of communicating we can learn a lot by studying their technique. By listening to these people and reflecting on their style we can apply a little of their greatness to our own public speaking.

iSpeak to my co-workers about daily life

Do you know the games of AFL and NRL or Rugby union? How about the difference between cricket and baseball?  Some basic sporting facts are very useful to understand office conversations……………and join in!

Right now do you know where the Rugby World Cup is and which team is the favourite……again? (It’s NZ –the Kiwis)

What topics do people discuss at a home barbeque or in a park together? – school holidays, kids after school activities, cooking, popular TV shows and of course sport. Sometimes fashion and travel as well.

Topics to avoid include: international politics, relationships and workplace issues- we’re here to relax!


iSpeak on my iPhone………or my Samsung Galaxy S6,HTC, Nokia,Sony,etc.

Speaking on the phone for business scares many people,native and non-native speakers alike. Today many people prefer to use email or texting or Facebook or Twitter to communicate. However telephoning gives you immediate answers, much clearer feedback as you listen to a person’s voice and it’s favoured by leaders who need to get the right message across.

The 15-week iSpeak program has been designed to help build up your skills and your confidence so that when you next speak in public the power of one voice – Yours - will be heard!

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