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Taking the IELTS Exam and is Writing your main problem?

FREE  Task 1 or 2 check by an expert!

In person, Every Tues. 6:30-7:15pm.
Just type up and email us an example of your practice writing task then come along on a Tues.night and
Steve will give you helpful feedback …………. for FREE!
If you like the feedback you get, sign up with us for a minimum of
four private 1-hour IELTS Writing lessons, and if you are close to 7.0, that is often enough.

Note: If you need help with Speaking, Listening or Reading, Steve can also work with you.   

At i-Speak we understand your need to succeed!



Read a testimonial from one of my past Chinese students below:


My name is Jason, a student of Steve L-B’s evening classes. I just achieved four 7.0s in my IELTS test on Nov.14th,2014. I would like to share some tips on my English study and IELTS preparation.

I continuously took 3 tests from July. to Sept. and actually I got four 7s on listening, reading, writing, and speaking. But unfortunately, they were not on one result report. In late September, I started specifically studying writing with Steve. Through the one-to-one lessons, he gave me lots of useful and helpful information and tips for IELTS writing. Finally I got 7s on listening, reading, and speaking, and 7.5 on writing in my last test.

I believe that many of us have already got the ability to achieve four 7s but what we need is only some practical and right instructions on details, like how native speakers think, write, and organize an essay. This means that we need help from native speakers, like Steve, to turn our way of thinking and writing to the right track. In Steve’s lessons, I found that my thinking and writing style is quite different from his, so I tried a lot to deliberately make myself write in a native way. I think this was the most significant improvement for me.

I really appreciate Steve’s help and instructions and they are of great importance, help and value to me. If you are preparing for the IELTS test, Steve’s class should be your first choice.

Jason Zhang, Dec.11th, 2014



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