Steve’s HOT Speaking Tips

  1. hot-speaking-tipsListen carefully to Good public speakers e.g. TV news presenters,TED Talkers(on Youtube), and most politicians.

  1. Speak to yourself in the mirror (bedroom or bathroom –but not too loudly) for ten minutes daily.

  1. Take every opportunity to talk to your co-workers in breaks, but Don’t annoy them while they are working.

  1. Join a social club like Sydney Bushwalkers on and ‘walk and talk’ on the weekend.

  2. If your family/flatmates speak Chinese, Korean,Thai or Vietnamese,etc at home introduce a ‘1-hour per day English-only’ rule. All stick to English for that 1 hour and it may soon become 2 or even 3.  😉

  3. Write 5 passionate speeches on topics you feel strongly about. And say them to your mirror or even better to a close friend.

  4. iSpeak doesn’t have to stop at 9:15pm,carry on speaking with your classmates at the Epping Hotel-just the other side of Epping station.  😉


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